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Simply Virginia Dinner

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        We invite you to break bread and clink cups with Virginia’s most essential tastemakers. Join Chocolatier Tim Gearhart for a showcase of regional, seasonal bounty presented by the passionate people behind our Commonwealth’s finest vino, vittles, cheeses, chocolates and beers. Expect a hands-on evening of demonstrations, flights and tastings as we thread a narrative from farm to fork, terroir to table, grower to eater.  THIS EVENT WILL BE RESCHEDULED FOR THE FALL.

July 7, 6:00


The Tickets

The Bean|$95:

Dinner + Wine Pairings

The Truffle|$125:

Hands-on, pre-dinner truffle demo featuring Virginia Distillery Malt Whisky + Tasting Dinner

The Bar|$155:

Demonstration + Tasting Dinner+Cigars+After-dinner Spirits- $155

The Chefs

Tim Gearhart- Gearharts Fine Chocolates

Jason Tesauro- The Modern Gentleman

Curtis Shaver- Hamiltons' at First & Main

Spencer Crawford- Palladio/Barboursville Vineyards

Gail Hobbs-Page- Caromont Farm

Hunter Smith- Champion Brewery


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