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Boys and Girls Clubs Art Project


For the last three years, we have partnered with a number of Boys and Girls Clubs in Virginia to create special chocolates for Mother's Day.  The same process that lets us put custom logos and designs on transfers allows us to capture the kid's unique artwork and create a memorable gift box.  

To make the transfers, cocoa butter is mixed with food pigments and jet-printed onto clear sheets of acetate plastic.  When the chocolate is properly tempered, the transfer image is actually incorporated into the top layer of chocolate on the confection.  After the chocolate has fully set, the blank sheets are removed, leaving behind perfect representations of the work.

To each club, we send a template with a square outline, and ask the kids to use red, green and yellow markers without overlapping or blending the colors.  We scan the drawings into the computer, and then our designer Jen Fleisher cleans up the files for production.

We are delighted to send a box of these chocolates to each participating artist to give to their Mom on Mother's Day.  This year, we made the Pod&Vine Chocolates with Cabernet Franc from Barboursville Vineyards because every Mom should get wine and chocolate on Mother's Day!  We really appreciate the effort that these kids and their club leaders put into this annual project as it is a truly special undertaking!

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