The Gearharts Chocolate Factory

Posted on January 26 2017

Gearharts chocolate tourOnce you walk into our shop, you can't miss it. We're talking about the three huge windows that span the wall of our retail shop and café, giving you a first row glimpse into our Gearharts production kitchen – from hand rolling truffles in soft cocoa powder to seeing our team cracking jokes between hand piping a tray of Mint Julep chocolates. Our own chocolate factory, out on display!

When the master chocolatier of the big screen, Gene Wilder of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory passed away last year, we were invited by the historic Paramount Theater to sponsor a screening of the film to pay tribute. The turnout was unbelievable! To make it even more memorable, we provided chocolate to the first 500 attendees, of course with a few golden tickets nestled in wrappers. Just like the magical premise of Willy Wonka, the winners redeemed their golden ticket for a tour of our own Gearharts chocolate factory.

Since blossoming into our space (learn about our relocation here), enchanting our guests with a glimpse into production is important and further connects people with the art and science of chocolate making. So, we decided to start offering and booking tours, with an addition of (optional) interactive experiences.

Each tour group can expect a full 40 minute excursion of the Gearharts facility, a discussion and delicious chocolate tasting, a 4 piece take away gift, plus a sweet 10% discount in the retail shop the day of event.

children birthday charlottesvilleIf you want to make your experience even sweeter (and who wouldn’t?), we offer unique add-ons that are sure to impress and also educate any group of people. Additions include truffle making classes, chocolate dipping classes or a guided wine or beer pairing, each is led by one of our Gearhart chocolatiers. From booking a tour and experience as a kid’s birthday party to an interactive work event or unique moms day out, our team is ready to share a piece of Gearharts with you.

Okay, so you won’t find lickable wallpaper or get to see an Oompa Loompa, but we assure that you won’t be disappointed on your visit.

Want to learn more about booking options and pricing? We'd love to hear from you, please email info@GearhartsChocolates.com or call us at (434) 972-9100.

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