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Free Shipping on Orders $75+

Handmade Chocolate Bar

$ 7.00
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Your choice of our solid, custom blended chocolate bars in 70% dark or 41% milk chocolate. Choose from the following:

Maya - Dark chocolate accented with cinnamon, orange and smoky Ancho chile
Criolla - Dark chocolate with raw cacao nibs
Ginger - Dark chocolate with candied Australian ginger pieces.
Espresso - Dark chocolate with finely ground local espresso-roasted beans 
Almond - Milk chocolate with Marcona almonds, feuilletine (crisp French pastry bits) and a hint of sea salt
Blueberry - Milk chocolate with dried blueberries and a hint of lemon zest

All dark chocolate bars are vegan, all bars except Almond is gluten free. Each bar is 2.5 oz.